It feels so right!


Building a castle by the beach-side,
Leaving everyone, everything else aside,
Walking down a road slowly,
Touching waters sanctified and holy,
Feeling the cool sea breeze,
And watching the little birds chirping on trees,
Adventures under the expanse of blue,
Crunching dry leaves under my shoe,
Filling my heart with a song,
Sitting on the top of a mountain for long,
Looking at people, beautiful and bright,
And singing with flowers, blue and white;
Everytime I choose to smile,
Everytime me and my thoughts walk a mile,
It feels so right to spend time
With my strengths, amongst nature sublime.
It feels so right to love;
Myself, despite my flaws,
And this ‘me’ time, this self love steadfast,
Gives me joy that lasts!


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