Little angels

“Rihanna, I have to attend to my patients and so I usually don’t have the time to help you out at home, moreover we are financially sound. Then why do you still want to continue teaching at the school? Sweetheart, by the end of the day you seem so tired” said Nihal, gently massaging her feet.

” Baby, as much as you love your profession, I love mine. Being with little kids gives me a lot of joy, a lot of satisfaction, and I learn something new, almost every day.” Said Rihanna.

Nihal immediately retorted and asked in excitement, ” So what did you learn today?”

Rihanna was waiting for this question. “Nihal, do you remember I told you about a student in my class, Jaden?”

“Yeah, the cute little boy with a hunch back, right?”

“Yes. He is spending the last few days of his life, he also has leukaemia. I didn’t tell you because you feel everything so deeply, I knew you would be really worried about the little boy and about me, and I didn’t want to disturb you. Actually I had a session a few days back with all my children advising them not to tease Jaden or trouble him about it, not to ask him any questions. I gave them lessons on kindness and love, I read out excerpts from the Bible.”

“That’s so nice of you my dear, you are just so loving and empathetic”

“But that’s just not about it, this morning I was sitting in the play area alone when I was free. Jaden and Rohan were sitting on a bench, they couldn’t see me though. Rohan had hurt his knee, so he did not go to play. I was eavesdropping. I heard Rohan asking Jaden if he feels bad about his hunchback. I started fuming with anger Nihal! I felt defeated. And then, Rohan asked Jaden if he knows that he would die soon. I got up immediately, but I was not sure how to handle the situation so I held myself for a while. I heard Jaden sadly reply a yes.

But what happened further took me by surprise! You know what Rohan said? he said “Jaden, why are you sad? Do you know how special you are?  You know what, I always feel so loved to be around you! You don’t bully me like Raavan does! Do you know what will happen after you die? You’ll become an angel Jaden, you’ll become an angel. God will open up your back, and release your wings. You’ll become an angel and guide us Jaden. You will teach bullies like Raavan a lesson. You will make sure that good triumphs over evil like the angel in the story Mrs Rihanna told”. I could see a smile on Jaden’s face. I was so surprised, and overwhelmed with emotions that I immediately rushed to hug my boys”

“So this was what I learnt today, that it’s really not how things are, it’s how we choose to look at things. My little boy Rohan made Jaden smile, he gave him a positive outlook, he made these days of suffering much easier for Jaden. I could figure it out from Jaden’s active participation in the activities of the class, and the smile that refused to leave his face.
We can choose to run away from situations, hoping to make someone or ourselves comfortable, but Nihal, it doesn’t really help.” Rihanna held Nihal’s hand and smiled recalling how happy Jaden was.



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