Why do I love simplicity?

Have you ever bunked a class to sit and speak to a gardener, simple and content?
Have you ever found yourself drinking chai in a kulhaad or buying stuffs from local artisans? Ever fallen for the desi munda and ditched a doctor, engineer, businessman for simple romance in life? Ever wanted to stay with the localites in their cute little houses while travelling? Thrown all the cosmetics outside the window? Or never felt like buying them at all?
Well, if your answer is yes, you love simplicity as much as I do.

But why? Why do we really love simplicity?

I’ll tell you the reason why I do. Though it’s hard to admit!

It’s simple. Simple physics. Opposites attract! It’s because I lead a very chaotic life. With all the passions and ambitions, I’m a part of the ‘rat-race’, it’s very hard hitting to realise this. I do give myself reasons to prove its false, like how I enjoy life unlike others, how my love and passion makes it a little different, how happy and content I am. But in such extreme competition, working harder and smarter, in a race to improve myself, even if its not about gaining the extra edge over others, with ample options and so much of decision making, stillness is a lot more appealing. It’s a lot more soothing. As much as I love the complexities in my life, majorly because they are choices that I have made without considering the past or the future, with all the consent from my heart and brain, I acknowledge the need to set everything aside and keep it simple; hit the breaks and seek some little joys, some adventure, do something creative or simply interact with someone who beautifully keeps things simple in his not so simple life, in his life which is a lot more complex than mine, like the gardener uncle. πŸ™‚

So if you are attracted to simplicity, please ask yourself why! 


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  1. Simplicity is beautiful because it’s free of pretentions and its pure. A simple joy like watering the plants in your garden, the smell of damn earth and the sight of leaves shaking in wind and delight ~ is a joy in itself. Its such a happy feeling and somehow fulfilling too.
    But what’s greater here is a person who has it in him/her to stop and appreciate simplicity especially in the present time when you could probably sell your soul to the devil and it still would be enough for some people. So if someone likes simplicity, its pretty awesome.
    Thank you so much for this amazing article. It brightened my day. You have written so beautifully.

    thing could be in its honest and authentic form

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  2. Nice orange,
    Well simplicity a huge word for some people, not all have the liberty to think about simplicity and lot who dreams for a complex life are out there too. It’s funny cause all this is for peace I guess in a way be it complex or simple and there is lot who just wish for the their β€˜ME’ time.

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        1. And now that you know I’m outright, here are my thoughts, since you want to know them.
          1. It’s a very personal and emotive peice, little things etched in your memory, your first times, which is really good; since you wrote in first person, I’m using the word you, not sure if it’s fiction or what though.

          As a reader, I liked how you chose to keep the letter/ story personal, but at the same time, it was a little overwhelming with info…a little confusing perhaps, because I didn’t really feel caught with the Bengali words, which I have no clue of….

          This is just a personal view, please ignore if you feel otherwise.


          1. Narangi such a beautiful honest review…yes it is very personal closest to my heart…the info I had to kept to define the moments…thanks a lot for reading it with patient…and you comment on my post…I will never mind because I value my readers view even if it is lukewarm…


  3. I like simplicity because I don’t want to clutter my life with a lot of stuff. I don’t like social media too much I just keep on visiting it. I like few people in life. I have very few friends and I am ok with that. I hardly wear make up, I don’t look in the mirror. I am trying to declutter my mind, there are too many things at this moment too many memories of past I am letting go of that slowly. I am trying to have few wishes, wishes that I have from myself not others. I want my mind to be at peace, that’s why I am making my life simple. And that’s probably why I like simplicity for peace of mind and so that I can hear my heart singing…

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    1. A very insightful answer. Just like you, I don’t like too many people in my life, I’m not on any social media platforms, and I don’t wear any makeup. So when it comes to lifestyle our lives are very much simple and easy.

      Coming to the mind. Just like you are working on decluttering the mind, I know that I won’t be able to do that much, my mind is really noisy with all ambitions and goals right now, so I feel happy around simple people, their simplicity yet abundance πŸ™‚


  4. Wow just loved your questions, nodding with a smile πŸ™‚
    I see gardeners in my community at work all day tending to the landscaping, taking naps under the tree, eating lunch on the greens in shade …I always wonder …isn’t this what we would pay huge amounts for …to be in nature all day? …at a resort? They always smile and greet me on my walks, always so friendly …
    Lovely post.


    1. Exactly. The one I’m talking about, he is so amiable and used to greet me every day. And when I actually sat with him, I was amazed by the simplicity in his thoughts, his attitude towards life.
      All that you said is very very true.

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  5. I hit the pause button sometime ago so I totally know those with ambitions, especially young ones, too often get caught up in the busyness and forget to stop and smell the roses πŸ™‚
    Well said Orange, you have much wisdom πŸ™‚

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  6. I was meant to read this today…thank you. I love this post…it is breath-of-fresh-air simple…light, but with depth…wise and thoughtful and down-to-earth. Often, the best things in life are simple; and the curse of “progression” is that it bombards us with many things/pursuits that steer us away from the simple things that we can easily afford/afford to give. Your kindness is a “simple” pleasure that I am grateful for and savoring in this moment πŸ™‚

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  7. Well, the simple things in life are very much in front of our eyes. Sometimes we overlook the same for reasons varying from the life we are leading to the people we are around. But when we pause and look around us, we will find those simple things in life and we will realize that they give us more joy than most of the other things we work so hard to get.

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