I fell in love!

Somewhere between the dripping of nectar like thoughts from his beautiful soul
And the craziness of his whirling and playful mind,
I fell in love.

Somewhere between the comfort of pouring heart-wrenching feelings,
And filling the empty spaces in his heart,
I fell in love.

While rejoicing in suffering,
And crying tears of joy,
I fell in love.

Between realising his soft heartedness,
And feeling his strengthening presence,
I fell in love!

Somewhere between finding a warm protective cocoon in his affection
And the gentle pushes of the cold breezes of his encouragement
I fell in love.

Between writing words that don’t rhyme,
To reading what’s going on in his mind,
I fell in love.

P.S. No oranges fell in love recently!
Yeh soochana orange hit mein jaari ki gayi ae πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ


39 thoughts on “I fell in love!

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        1. I know evol, evol and evil differ. Evil is evil, evol is evil in a humourous sense, if you meant it humorously, fair enough but I don’t think you did Tap πŸ˜›


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