Changing times…

First day of school. The teacher asked me to color the crow black; I had made it pink. Why can’t crows be pink? I’m going to complain mom and dad about this school.
Mom and dad spoke to principal today. Dad was being too loud in sir’s office.
Where is the teacher who told me to color the crow black, didn’t see her since three days.

I’m not thirteen. I’m ThirTEEN and
tomorrow school reopens after summer vacations. I’m going to the mall. Books, pencils, school bags, I went shopping for stationery one week ago. It’s time to get a manicure done.

I’m not nineteen. I’m nineTEEN. What’s the Morrison Boyd organic chemistry thing? Chuck it. Anyways I have reservation and I’ll get an IIT. Let me go to the pub with those guys. “Mom, I’ll be back by one!”

First day in a hostel, away from home. I’m clueless why my roommate crying! I’m happy I finally don’t have to sleep with the old senile lady, my father’s mom.

He proposed me last night. Now I’m going shopping tomorrow, ofcourse with him, I’m buying lots of clothes, shoes, bags, chocolates and teddy bears. Chocolates and teddy bears? Nah! Valentine’s day is just a week away.

My boyfriend is suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting. Oh! I forgot to tweet.” Get well soon Jaana! My lifeline” Tweeted.

“Bitch, we enjoyed your wedding a lot! The chicken biryani was superb. But why did it take Vanish 20 minutes to apply Sindoor? Lots of instructions from the priest Haan?”
“Nah donz, it was not the priest, it was the photographer. He captured our perfect candid shot! ”

Ah! I’m so happy. I’m pregnant. Vanish we’ll go to the doctor later, please call up the guy…our wedding photographer, I need to discuss things with him.

Hey whatever your name is, come here, bring my baby here, I want a picture with my cuchhiku ulluulllluu tiara! Ufff, what’s this? Make her wear a diaper right now!

I started with sarcasm, but as I progressed, I realised that everything I’m writing is inspired by true events, where’s the sarcasm?!?! Yes, if you are ‘old school’, let me tell you that everything is inspired by true incidents that I’ve witnessed from people around me! Infact most of them have been written as it is, without any exaggeration at all.

I’m unwilling to change with changing times. I’m boring. All I want is a pen, a notebook and my heart that tells me that I don’t have to change. No. I don’t look down upon the ones who welcome these changes into their lives. Just that doors are shut for these changes here. 


21 thoughts on “Changing times…

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  1. Change Change Change…Hell donot change.

    When I see myself at some point of time I wish to be the same like I was at 15.But when I observe that to cope up with present scenario in whatsoever manner it may be I must change.Sometimes I regret changing,sometimes I dont.Wonderfull beginning…More power to you

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    1. Indeed, it would be so good if we could go back to being fifteen, life was much simpler 🙂
      But yeah, changes are constant, and at times shape us into a better version of ourselves, at times…

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  2. Whatever the “changes” you are talking about are the “learning and progress” but believe me..most of the things never change.. you are same… however old you grow. I think when you do it .. its a success in my opinion. 🙂 because I dont want to change! 😁

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      1. Important thing is to strongly believe in your stand…but your stand should be well thought one. That way there is no regrets either.. problem is when we are shaky and confused!

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  3. You know, changes have come a number of times in my life. Those are little, but they ended up making me hurt. Somehow I wanted no change, I didn’t want to grow, but I grew. I didn’t want to leave the school, but I left. I didn’t want to hate those person, I hated. Changes came and stayed forever, the moments are stopped only in the heart, not in the reality.

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