Life is not always fair

The tagline of my blog said ‘life is not always fair’, but the truth is life is not fair, always. Things were very good yesterday, in fact this morning too. I had an uneasy feeling of what was waiting for me, that’s precisely why I kept myself occupied, through blogging, doing sketches and reading posts, to keep myself positive.

But the truth is life is bloody damn unfair. I have achieved what I wanted to, and earned a lot on merit, but unfortunately I fucking do not have rights to take my own decisions. It takes strength to leave everything and stand by what you think is right for you, it really really does. Somewhere I am unable to gather this strength.

In short, I will not be blogging for some time, till things settle down, but I promise to be back and that’s when I’ll read your posts, and write a few words, which you all beautify with love.

A sweet adieu!


19 thoughts on “Life is not always fair

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  1. Minty hope you are alright, I have sent an email some time back. Please check your email. My daughter asks about to two times a day, once as she wakes up and when she comes back from school. People are missing you here.. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey Minty … take it easy.. anything can be solved..just have patience…what you think big today may not be big tomorrow.. Take care and let me know if you need any help..

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