I just want to sit in a dark room
A dingy corner, and cry,
Cry recalling the roars of laughter,
Cry without having anyone around.

I want to walk on the streets,
Tread downtrodden paths alone
Down the memory lane,
Feel my hands that held yours,
Feel them without being seen.

I want to run far away,
Far away to the sea shore,
To collect the myriad sea shells,
shells of your togetherness,
And smile, all alone.

I want to lock up myself,
And throw stuffs around,
And then silently murmur your name,
Murmur without being heard,
Murmur like I never said.

I want to see the sky, moonlit,
And embrace myself like you did,
Hug myself tight while no-one’s watching,
And treasure the forever.

The forever you gave me in a few days,
The infinity so rich and lovely,
The infinity that keeps me strong,
Strong with no one by my side,
Unshakeable during breakdowns.

The infinity that empowers me,
To write words,sometimes few,
And then move on, like I’m unstirred.

To cry out loud,
Then have nothing to say.
To tread forgotten lanes
And feel no pain
And to vent out emotions,
And then straighten my crown.
The infinity that can last longer,
Than forever and a day.


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        1. Mujhe hindi aachi se aati hey. I can talk fluently, read when hindi is written in English 😛🙈 bas hindi Ko hindi mein padhne mein lazy hoon 😂🙈😛


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