Glittering joys

My assorted bottles, captivating and glittering,
Give me wings of happiness, flappy and fluttering.
The golden ones are my real treasure,
Watching the sunrise with birds gave me pleasure.
The silver ones ventured a starry night,
A moonlit date with family, what a delight!
God sent me the baby pink shimmers, gift wrapped,
Embraced by soft little hands, I was trapped.
Glimmering white, crisp and crystal clear,
Late night conversations, peaceful atmosphere.
Brilliance of blue, stolen from a beautiful sight,
When peacocks danced in rain, looking vibrant and bright.
Yellow ones walked into my life slowly,
With the rich lessons of his presence, short but glowy.
Purple ones came gushing with frolic and flit,
While dancing endlessly on desi beats.
Red, scintillatingly warm, as I sat by the bonfire,
These little joy bottles are all that I desire.
They are reminders that happiness is a feeling,
As they sprinkle glitters, shiny and shimmering.


20 thoughts on “Glittering joys

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    1. Exactly. You can see the sun every day, you can have a dinner on the terrace under the moonlight any day you want to. I can have late night conversations whenever I want to. Availability is not the point. The point here is feeling every moment. For me, feeling every moment is the key to happiness.
      The sun rises every day. Who actually goes to the horizon, cycling to see the sun rise? It’s such a beautiful sight, the appearance of the first rays, the orange subduing the blue… How often do we sit by the bonfire and feel it’s warmth, see the shades of red?
      I don’t really seek ‘hidden glitters’ when it comes to happiness. I feel happiness is always around. The whole point is it’s easily available and that’s why people refuse to believe that it can make one happy! πŸ™‚

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