No strings attached

Often there are people in our lives who are really talkative and amiable. You feel that they completely understand you. You feel that they are the ‘Forever’ person and woosh! They leave without telling you anything. They leave for no reason. They first drop a few hints and then they drop a bomb. They cut off all contacts. They vanish as if they were not real. 

It’s so easy for us to label them as the ‘people who remember you until they need you’ or the ‘I love you, till I find someone better’ kind. At times we are wrong. Many times, my posts echo the fact that we cannot put people in predefined boxes, we just can’t, and this post is one of them too. You might call them stupid. You might call them emotionless. You might call them selfish. But let me call them a few names too!

The truth is that they love people. They love making friends. They love it when they have fun, when they make someone smile or laugh. But they just can’t promise commitment. Commitment is not just for love, it’s for every damn relationship that has to last. 

They love painting others’ lives. They have  Color bombs called ’empathy’ and ‘acceptance’; that almost everyone tends to trust them and love them instantly and when they leave, they shatter many hearts. They know that they hurt people when they leave, deep down they regret doing so. It feels pathetic to ignore or avoid someone, if you are an empath, just like it feels pathetic to be ignored. They continue to wish they were friends with this person or that. But they always feel that the person they are leaving deserves better, deserves more as far as friendship is concerned. They know that they cannot promise to be friends forever, and hence they cut strings. Sooner or later, they do. 

I know it’s really difficult for us to accept them. We feel cheated, we feel used. Specially the sincere ones, who give their πŸ’―% in a friendship. They wouldn’t have ever had a thought that the person they told everything about their life yesterday will leave all of a sudden; but they are at least better than the ones who fake it.  They are atleast being honest to you and to themselves. Again dear friends, they are very few. Maybe two hundred, or maybe just two. But the next time someone does leave without a reason (God forbid) you have the right to curse them for doing so, but you shouldn’t forget that after seven years, when you would have forgotten them, they are somewhere stalking your Facebook profile and smiling that you have now accomplished your dreams. They do love you, believe me. 

We humans are complicated creatures, and complicated are human ties, strings of emotions, isn’t it?


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  1. Well said bud! There are quiet a few so, bloody angels who visits cast their magic and disappear. Solid reason or just not committed it’s a tough stage at both the end. Things which only human can afford to do.

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  2. Dear Orange, you gave me a deeply touching smile with this post πŸ™‚ I feel delight at finding someone …you, who has this broader perspective. There is always a big picture .. such people rarely ‘use’ other people …or maybe both parties genuinely use the other in a very greater way …
    It is indeed very painful when the change comes …but it helps to know the greater purpose and perspective …like you say, it feels better and richer than the long term fake interactions.

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    1. Thank you so much for understanding what I wanted to say and respecting my perspective so much.
      Yes, one way, they don’t ‘use’ anyone and the other way they beautify their lives and make an attempt to beautify other lives, which is indeed a good thought!
      Its always good to have relationships which give you good memories rather than seeking merely long lasting ones, which are sometimes forgotten, at times just an obligation so that the other person doesn’t feel forgotten or sometimes they becomes a duty or responsibility which one feels bound to.

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  3. Sometimes when these people leave, they have a damn reason to leave someone, maybe he/she somehow lost the trust from these people. These people won’t reveal that they cannot believe them anymore and so leaves silently. You never know what’s going on with people every moment.

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    1. Tappy, yeah, sometimes, they leave for solid reasons, like you mentioned trust issues, or sometimes for no reason.
      Yeah, you never know what someone has really gone through or is going through, you never can!

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  4. Interesting post orange. But what I feel is..Everybody deserves love and friendship. At least everyone wants love and friendship. Then why deny it? It’s about making things work between themπŸ‘

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    1. Exactly Jen! Everyone longs for love and friendship. But since I’ve written from ‘their’ perspective, I’ll choose to do the same in the comments section.
      They fear the word ‘forever’. They do not want to cling to anyone, nor do they want anyone to get clingy. In simple words, they fear hurting others or getting hurt. You can say, it’s got something to do with the relationships they share with friends in childhood or with cousins. No, I’m not trying to justify, but if you can really connect the dots, empathy overtakes anger.
      About making things work out. You can make things work out if you want to, right? They don’t want to. It might take them time, or they might keep meeting new people and walking further forever, who knows?

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