Equations change.

17  January it was. JEE advanced mock test. 18 questions each, physics, chemistry and mathematics. The paper was 500 times tougher than the actual exam. Bring me a genius who could solve the complete paper in the time duration, without any mistakes and I’m ready to give him all the property I own, offer valid till 7th November 2027.  No other Terms and conditions applied. Seeing the number of people writing the exam, the invigilator also left, for he knew we are all hopeless and helpless; telling us to handover the papers to A after completion.

 Shubh (UP wale bhaiya, prankster for blogger buddies who have read Valentine’s day aka April Fool’s day ) abused  the world, our lives, the life of every damn person who chose science and the paper for 3 hours. I’m a little old school, literally πŸ˜‚. I kept chanting 108 names of lord Krishna so that I pass this one. Only our reactions were noteworthy. Others either slept or took the paper and walked away. Some lied to themselves that the paper where questions were in Latin was simple. Their results proved they lied.

 So me, Shubh and 2 other survivors came out after three hours. Suneeta aunty was waiting for us outside.  Me and shubh looked at eachother, and mutually decided to ignore Suneeta aunty.

 “Bete, I’m here. How was the paper?”

Shubh couldn’t control; “***** faadu tha aunty! B*******d ney zindagi jhaand kar di Teri ********”

I’m trying to hold her as she’s fainting. Shubh left. 

It was my turn to answer. “Aunty it was bad” 

Schadenfreude guys. Quoting google, “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune”. Suneeta aunty couldn’t conceal her happiness. She said: ” Bad?!!?! It has to be bad. It always has to be bad. Only then it can be good.” Okay lady be happy. Just stay out of my way right now. 

I didn’t say anything and I  went to the first floor. I was standing near the staircase trying to recall all my sins. I remember I had killed English in childhood when I said “Oh! I didn’t knew only”. I had also behaved very badly with mom today. I had refused to get water for my brother when he was tired and the bedardi me had also slapped a dog once, literally slapped a dog three years ago!

Meanwhile on the second floor, Suneeta aunty’s daughter, an AIIMS aspirant came out of the exam hall. “How was your exam Natasha?”

“Maa, pathetic! I didn’t know anything in physics!”

 I was eavesdropping on the first floor. Sins after sins. Joblessness at 8 p.m.

“What do you mean by pathetic? Didn’t you study?”

“Maa, the paper was tough. I promise I’ll work hard and do well in the actual exam”

“When you cannot pass a normal xyz institute exam, how will you clear AIIMS?. I’ve made khichdi at home, and you start solving HC Verma. Minty has that book, I saw it today ”

“But maa, Minty is a JEE aspirant, not AIIMS”

“Toh? So what?”

And I finally smiled that day! Equations change. Don’t they? πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Equations change.

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      1. The 1st reason is physicsπŸ˜›
        2nd is I’ve experienced this same situation before….in JEE main and NEET
        3rd, I was forced to give these exams by my dad. He never wanted me to proceed through a general line. Well, sometimes money and fame is not what we want but we want to enjoy what we are doing and be best in it….sometimes.

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  1. Superb write up Ms O, I totally agree with you… its a nonsense these parents talk… I did that hearing last year.. when my son went through the same shit called “Entrance Exams”. First of all such tough exams not required at all.. In real life when you get placed with companies… nothing matters actually. Its basically you, how you face challenges… its never about what is the product of 19 X 17… we use calculators .. I have seen lot more IIT guys failed miserably in life. Try to be intelligent in whatever you do.. you will succeed in life!
    Stay away from Sunita Aunty! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much Raj!
      First of all, JEE syllabus is so vast and then these coaching institutes give stuff which our teachers claim are ‘near the boundaries of JEE syllabus’. It’s pointless.
      Yeah, I agree that life skills are really important. My classmate, he could solve physics problems, toughest ones in 45 seconds, but he would get bullied by auto drivers also πŸ˜‚
      I loved your mantra of success, ‘being intelligent in all that you do’. Suneeta aunty, I’ve not seen her for long now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŒβœŒ

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    1. Lol!
      You won’t believe, I actually saw her with hcv the next day, she was complaining a teacher that hcv is too tough, he was like “who asked you to solve hcv for medical”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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