Pseudo feminism

Things that pseudo feminists do, which have nothing to do with feminism.

Demanding reservation for women in educational institutions. Do you guys know that the IITs in India, are offering reservations for female candidates next year? My classmates were so angry over this that many almost stopped talking to me. I told them my views resonate with their views; this is unfair, but if they are so lame, to stop talking to me for this, I don’t really care.

Smoke and drink heavily. The ‘health benefits’ that they get from being drowned in alcohol or puffing cigarettes are not sexist, like they label someone, stopping them from drinking so much!

Discussing less important issues (comparatively) like ‘why should I carry my pads in a black bag’ and doing or saying nothing about major issues like lack of education for women, or women trafficking.

‘Don’t judge girls, you dare not. But every man is a rapist, a pervert, a cheat’.

Being a rebel for no reason. Doing what they want. How I wish someone would tell them that cheating on your partner has nothing to do with feminism! Yes, I’m referring to a famous video here.

Propagating a belief that feminists are stubborn people who refuse to listen to valid arguments that men put forth, a belief that women hate men. I mean, nobody except pseudo feminists hate men. I don’t. 🙈 And the men in my life hold a very important place, and they’ll continue to do so.

Indirectly propagating beliefs that lead to crime against men. I know one false rape case(mentioned in a post I wrote earlier) and three false dowry cases. I know the people accused really well. Many cases are false. A pseudo feminist will read what I just wrote as ”all’ cases are false’.

“Women are always right.” I’ve told my brother that he doesn’t need to agree to everything that a girl says. (on a lighter note, except his sis 😉😂) Dear brothers on WordPress, if you agree to all that a girl says, just because you fear being unfriended or misjudged, congratulations, you have been trapped by pseudo feminists. This does not make you a ‘cool dude’ or a ‘feminist’. It makes you a ‘pappu’.

Labelling people who write such posts as ‘biased’, ‘uneducated’, ‘worthy of sympathy’, ‘narrow minded’, Again, I wish someone would tell them that the feminist writing this post doesn’t give a damn!

It’s time to wipe out pseudo feminism, otherwise soon we’ll find people fighting for men empowerment!


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  1. More and more women are turning into feminazis and pseudo feminists, they ask for entitlements instead of equality. As a feminist this is completely upsetting to the fraction of us who just want equal status. Thanks for writing this out!

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  2. Yes. Sadly many don’t know the true meaning of feminism. I think it’s extremely sad that many think feminists are some kind of extremists. But the pseudo feminists are to be blamed for that. What we want is equality, not more discrimination between the genders. Well said, O!

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  3. Great writing blossoms,, superb girl.. Very true about pseudo feminism or feminism.. Just be true to yourself and maintain your dignity and self respect.. This is true for every human

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    1. I’m so glad you liked what I wrote. The biggest gift that WordPress gives me is people who think alike. Yes, that is all that matters, my dignity and how happy I am with myself at the end of the day 🙂

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  4. Bangalore weather 🍻🍻 ( finally, unlike last year)
    It’s sad actually I guess the girls growing up should be given with the right definition of feminism otherwise it’s gonna ruin the society quite soon.

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  5. And even I have seen a population of guys who fear to disagree and even accept everything that is said, a really sad scene to watch. The fear of being judged is something that plays in many heads and there is a handful who isn’t worried about it.

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    1. Exactly. Okay sharing something with you here… My brother is in class 11th. It was sort of cold today, here in b’lore, plus it was raining. A girl demanded my brother’s jacket, which he refused to give. The girl started scolding him for disrespecting her 😂😂 How silly is that!
      So, the need of the hour is to make men realise that agreeing to all the shit that women say doesn’t make them a gentleman or cool or whatever. It makes them a moron of pseudo feminism!


      1. I think we are all capable of manipulation of others . Children do it to their parents and teachers , if they are girls they may find daddy an easy pushover , boys may rely on being spoilt by mummy. Women with sex appeal can use it to get their way and old people soon learn to play upon their infirmities. Advertisers do it all the time it’s their bread and butter. Scientists use their knowledge as a lever to persuade us.

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  6. Wow orange that’s fab! Being judged is something that keeps happening in the Indian society thats something we can’t change and am happy that you being a girl spoke about pseudo feminism and you can imagine the chaos if a guy had written this.

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