The wait before swimming

​This post is written in first person as a fourteen year old boy, who loves swimming. I have no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I am just trying to attempt humor as a genre and spread smiles.

Swimming is fun. Swimming has always been fun, swimming will always be fun; but my sister, she is born only to plunge the world into darkness with her boring science, ridiculous rules and grammar nazism and make every human being like that aadhiwasi adarshwadi Alok nath with her lame rules and ideas. We are on our way to swimming, but she cannot stop herself from teaching me how to pronounce taco! Can you believe it?

Clad in my perfect looking swimwear I look like Leonardo DiCaprio😎 , I’m just waiting for the bell to ring. Only when the bell rings, the body guard of this beautifully blue swimming pool will allow us in. 

My eighteen year old sister from stone age is discussing world war and world peace with some wise old citizens of our country. Rituraj uncle has already started his ass acoustics. He has stored food sufficient that can last for three months for a nuclear family, all in his stomach. Nitin is wondering if that girl with pixie cut and big brown eyes is in love with him. Neelima aunty is still debating whether to continue swimming or join a dance class. Sameer started taking a shower half an hour back and has promised his mom to recuperate the entire 6000β‚Ή he has paid by taking a shower. Mr Reddy has started warm up! “Huh haa huh haa; one two two one” and his daughter Vidhi is wondering whose essay will she copy in the test tomorrow.

And amidst all this is an innocent little boy, me, troubled by the wierd world and it’s atrocities.

I wish this wait would end. I wish this bodyguard would show some kindness and allow me to jump into the pool. I looked at him just like my Shih Tzu Shirow looks at me when he wants food. I made a promise to him that I won’t pee in the pool today, without uttering words. Bodyguard hinted that there are three minutes and thirty three seconds left. 


23 thoughts on “The wait before swimming

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  1. I know how he feels… I’ve been waiting an entire year and then some to go swimming. You’d think these ppl would’ve stopped interfering with my life unnecessarily some time ago. I didn’t quite get the humor it probably went over my head where I intended it to go.

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  2. It’s shit zu πŸ˜‰ Oooh, Is Nitin really wondering if that girl with a pixie cut and big brown eyes is in love with him? Well, he’s going to break his heart… and his 206 bones πŸ˜›

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