Recently I had heard a comment made by my good friend that the elders above 70 years should die soon. I was so flabbergasted on hearing this that for a second, my brain just stopped, my heart cried out, β€œHow could he?” I do know where my friend is coming from, his problems at home, what heΒ […]

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Because roots matter.

I’ve often seen posts on WordPress where people express their deep love and respect for their parents. But one of them really created waves in my mind and heart. It really bought turbulence. All credits go to Shalini for this.

Nobody’s parents are perfect. Nobody’s children are perfect. We all have expectations and disappointments. But deep down, we are all human beings. Human beings craving for selfless love, yearning to find a drop of love in this ocean.
And of all the relationships that exist here, in this world, the most selfless one is the relationship between a parent and a child. But alas, we were busy finding faults in our sanskaars (values) and we forgot the emotions behind our sanskaars.

I’ll narrate an incident here. I only go to two religious places, one a church near my house and the other, Iskcon temple. The reason these two are chosen is because here, I’m allowed to ask questions and given answers. So I’ll narrate a small part of a conversation between me and a Swamiji at Iskcon:

Me: Swamiji, you talk about love for Krishna, your supreme father, but don’t you have any duties towards your parents? Why have you left your family at such a young age? Don’t you love them?
Swamiji: I love Krishna. I love my family a lot. I consider the world a family. A part and parcel of God. That’s why I left home, for my family. It started from home. I gave the gifts of spirituality to my parents and then, I ventured into this beautiful creation of the lord, to give this gift to you, my sister, to give this gift to Prabhu ji (referring my dad, in Iskcon all men are referred as Prabhu ji).

Here, I quoted this example ONLY to illustrate how beautifully he is fulfilling his duties. How he considered it his responsibility to do something for his family, to share the gifts he has. When he has a willingness to do something for such a big family and such a big heart to selflessly love so many people, I can surely do something for my little family.

Lets build up our roots, our values. Let’s respect our parents. We can only be strong if we build our roots. Because roots matter dearhearts!

P.S. Thank you for writing a post which I’ve reblogged first, Rockstar!


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  1. Beautiful words from Swami Ji. I feel blessed to know many such lovely souls who are working towards Krishna consciousness but at the same time, they fulfil their family obligations too.

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  2. Orange blossoms, superb writing… I like spirituality more than religious… There is so much peace and enlightenment in spirituality…
    Awww I am the Rockstar… U take my breath away… No words.. Thank you for really reading my post and understanding the nuances… So many have liked without reading…hehehe…i am glad we had a good discussion

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    1. Sorry to interrupt but you both think you are Ranbir Kapoor? (Rockstar) sadddaaa haqqqq πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Hey shals I read your post before liking. 😁

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      1. I am Rockstar she is orange blossoms.. Hehehe… I dont mind dating Ranbir at least meeting him rather than a mathematician.. Check blossom’s prev post… How sweet thank you for reading… I appreciate friends like u

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        1. And who am I? Katrina Kaif? πŸ˜›
          I would anyday date a mathematician rather than film actors 😎😎 I always read before liking. And if I like from whakaahua it means I love you/your posts πŸ˜‰

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            1. Oh yes. Since I am Mary Poppins , I can do anything, be anywhere as anyone 😎😎 you have a mathematician?? Orange, chale chalo 😁

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