Compassion and forgiveness,
Spreading glitters of happiness,
Affection and gratitude,
Love in plentitude;
Do give these gifts to all,
Everyone’s battling a constant trawl;
But give these gifts to yourself too;
It will always come to your rescue,
Enjoy the radiance of your smile,
Lit by your brilliance walk a mile!

Dearhearts, I hope you liked this crude peice that I just wrote. But I really want to share my inspiration behind it with you guys, please pardon my narrcissm. πŸ˜›πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š


23 thoughts on “Gifts

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  1. But give these gifts to yourself too;
    – Makes a whole lot of sense. If we can’t give love to ourselves, no amount of love given to others will bring satisfaction within us – it may give happiness, but will also empty us from within.

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  2. Totally loved your crude piece…keep writing them more..the inspiration behind this post was hilarious😁😁 but being a Scorpio myself I felt bad as well😞 if I can ask, how this image inspired you to write this?

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