Gifting meant buying a bouquet of flowers
Accepting the gifts meant a photograph, a ‘thank you’ and discarding the flowers.
This is what happened when giving gifts became a social obligation.

He became an engineer, and is now unemployed.
Because education had become an obligation to be accepted by the society seven years ago.

Marriage for her is cooking dal-chaawal everyday
For him it’s merely a 9 to 5 job.
Marriage was no more a vow, because it was a social obligation, a duty; symbiosis.

It became a social obligation for him to teach his daughter to be morally and ethically correct; even if it was at the cost of faking it or at the cost of her own self respect.

She did not like the new sweater her father bought her.
She wanted to wear the old one which her grandmother had knitted, warm and cosy.
When wearing the sweater her dad just spent 6999 Indian rupees for became an ethical obligation, the weather was being harsh.

Welcoming guests became arranging an array of the most exotic welcome drinks.
Relationships became dining together;
When get togethers became a social obligation.

Love became dates and kissing in public
Breakup meant breakup parties
When relationships became a status; when they became an obligation.

He did not like her posts on WordPress at all. He found them damn boring.
When she liked his posts, lying and liking hers became a social obligation.  🙈😛

There was an emptiness, everything was merely ‘completed’ only to remain incomplete; when obligations took over emotions.


16 thoughts on “Obligations

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    1. Hehe 😂
      The liking posts was just a bonus thing, not a big deal…just remembered and that’s why I included. 😛
      I understand we do a lot of things out of obligation, even I do, but somewhere down the line it erodes the true essence of stuff, at times.


        1. Not always there is love or respect deep down di. For instance take the example of being morally and ethically correct always. We may not respect some random man. What’s the point in touching his feet if you don’t respect him deep down?
          Ya, there is a tinge of love and respect at times, so I won’t rule it out as completely senseless, but we can choose to express love and respect honestly, not merely because we are obliged, and in my case, I wouldn’t mind if it’s not expressed, but yeah merely out of obligation is so not cool 🙂💙

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