Garden lessons

I placed sunflower seeds in a little pot,
Nourished my seeds with water and compost.
Watering the seeds was now a daily task,
In the afternoon sun with the seeds I would bask.

Days and weeks passed, my soil lay still,
Oh! I noticed the air was chill.
I placed my little pot on a heat mat,
Hopeful and scrutinizing I sat.

Now, the temperature was optimum,
Still the chances of germination lay minimum.
Did my seeds lose their viability?
Don’t they belong to the rupturing fraternity?

I noticed the gerbera pots knocked off a wall;
Dirt lay on porch, like a doctor’s scrawl!
And then I noticed a squirrel, bushy tailed;
Was it really my gardening skills or seeds that failed?

Furiously, I began digging the soil with seeds,
Only to find out that the squirrels had a feast!
These uninvited guests were feasting on garden seedlings,
So they were the ones nibbling and gobbling!

Just when I decided they need to be kept out,
I looked at the oak tree in my garden, and it’s clout;
But had I ever planted acorns?
Ofcourse, they aren’t grown by unicorns!

A realisation sunk in that I need to be good,
The oak was planted by a squirrel who burried it’s food.
I smiled at the little squirrel’s manoeuvre,
As I gave it a chase to touch it’s fur.


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