A childhood friend and family trips

You were there when I fell of the horse in Darjelling,
You hugged the little me tight while other ‘friends’ were laughing.

You were awake all night when the ten year old me,
Was terrified of your ghost stories on our trip to ooty.

When I was eleven, we built sandcastles on the beach,
In Mumbai where we heard the Sufis preach.

Our rasgulla eating competition in Kolkata,
Where we wore same clothes in magenta.

When I was fourteen and we were in Rishikesh,
Turquoise were waters , flowers were fragrant and fresh.
You accompanied me to river rafting to wash my grief,
Despite being terrorized and shaking as a leaf!

Jaipur was the destination when I was sixteen,
A place where you had already been.
You and me sang songs during the journey together,
You bought a rice grain with our names and a peacock feather.
We sat in a corner because you didn’t like dancing,
And I almost believed that you knew hypnotizing!
Camel rides with you, and tasty food,
Are things which don’t require a good mood.

Now am eighteen and we didn’t go to France,
Eiffel tower in Paris didn’t give us a chance.
You’re busy in Delhi and I am studying at home,
We are busy people who live in a silent dome.

We are adults with routine tasks we can’t skip,
We are adults who don’t accompany our parents to trips.


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