Dealing with fear

Fears and me

Hey wonderful people! I would like to share how I dealt with fear in this post. Fear is a real serious issue.  Happiness does not multiply as fast as fear does. You need to curb it at initial stages. Perhaps it is true that I have limited experiences in life so far, and as I have said previously, I stand at a phase in life where the best and the worst both are yet to come; I still would like to share my limited experiences and learning.

The first step to let go fear is to accept it. I had terrible exam fear. I didn’t write two tests. R immediately sensed something wrong *happy face* and asked me if I’m scared of exams. I refused. I’ll always remember what he said… He told me that fear is not a sign of weakness. Accept it. Give it a thought. You can’t ignore it like this. You have to cut off the roots before the weeds kill your flowering plants. So, that was my first victory against exam fear.

Second, give it a thought. Think of its cause and solutions. Keep it simple and invest time. Do not think about what you could have done. Think about what you can do. Once you can sort that out, stop all the thinking there and start action. 

At times, fear multiplies so much that we feel scared for no reason. I’ve experienced this. To curb this, keep things simple. Here is something I found in a YouTube video…

Live in the present. When I thought about my past, how I couldn’t do well in the previous test, I felt scared. When I thought of the future, the results, how my marks would directly affect every damn thing, probably,( now I know they wouldn’t), I felt scared. When I shut all other things and studied, I didn’t give fear a chance. So, the next time, do whatever you are doing with all your heart. Or don’t do it. But let’s face it, you have to do it, right? So just tell yourself that right now you will complete the task and later think about that fear thing. Do the thinking part later.

Complete what you start. Incomplete tasks add a lot of pressure. I made it a point to complete what I start and not proceed to any other task before doing so. This helped me a lot. Keep things uncluttered, simple, easy. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Back to work.

Reward yourself for the little achievements. It could be a chocolate, some extra fun time with a dog, a movie treat or maybe some extra time with your crush(this was my reward πŸ˜›) . It will enhance your confidence and give you little joys. 

Motivation doesn’t last. Inspiration does. Self motivation does. Nobody will be there for you 24Γ—7 and keep telling you that you can deal with fear. Do little things, like the few I mentioned and keep yourself motivated. You can definitely share your thoughts with a genuine someone who wishes to listen. If you have no one to speak to, no probs, I had trust issues so I didn’t tell anyone. I became my own superman. I can try to be yours, but the best thing would be that you become your own helping hand. This own superman thing restored my lost confidence. Something that was almost a dream.

Lastly, Meditate. I started it recently and I’m already deriving benefits. I used to be unable to sleep before. I would go to bed by 4 and be up by 8. Sometimes I would  wake up by 7.  People I’m in contact with(very few) know how I ping them at odd timings. I started ‘yoga nidra’ and it has helped me sleep. Also, I wake up with positivity, which is a real gift. Thanks to my blogger di Shaloo she introduced me to meditation.

And my dear bloggers, there will be a point when you’ll realise that fear has no existence, it is something so unreal, useless. Wishing you all success in all your endeavours.


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  1. For me the reward to myself is to stalk him if he’s online or nahπŸ˜›…for me, he’s that angel, I’d better call him enchanter who helped me to get out of this fear. I remember, I was too afraid to start writing for an exam and he said “just write it down, correct or incorrect doesn’t matter right now, just try your best and remember, I’m gonna give you an ice cream after the exam ends”… well, I got good marks in that exam😜❀

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  2. Embracing your fears is the first step towards conquering them. Your post made me smile as this is what we teach in our happiness programs. These are the very essentials of happiness and peace of mind.

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    1. Wow! I’m shocked! Actually R, my teacher was the one who told me this. So wonderful. And I doubt he has ever attended any happiness programs. I’m happy to know this. 😊

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