A letter to everyone

I’ve lost a friend because she had no one to talk to, because I didn’t talk even though I wantedโ€‹ to. Recently, I came across two wonderful writers on WordPress writing suicidal stuff. I spoke to both. I don’t know if it helped though. Here is something I want to tell everyone.

There will be good days and bad days in life. Life is not always fair. At times you will be shattered and you will feel like there is absolutely no way out. There will be disappointments. You will be disappointed with people, at times with yourself. Do not succumb to the person you were in the past. You are not a sum of your pasts. You are what your future holds. Do not let your future take hold of your present. Things can change in a jiffy. There are so many emotions in life which are worth living for. Do not succumb to the pressure of the society. Don’t let anyone control your emotions or how you feel about yourself.

Although I stand at a phase in life, where the best and worst, both are yet to come, I have had bad days when I felt completely dejected. I have had  absolutely no friends so during those times I felt a strong need of a person who would listen to me. I realised the need to speak to a person who adds value to life and remain away from those who pull out value by making you choose wrong things.

Having said what I want to, here is my email id you can write to me anytime. I promise to listen. I promise friendship. Not forever, but till the time you need it.



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  1. So I’m not able to talk to you about my daily life hazards now because my exams are coming…just wanted to let you know that I’m in state where my friends hardly talks to me. You’re the one with whom I can share my feeling for S…you’re the only one indeed. I can’t wait to have those chitchats again…maybe after 15th June. God bless my orange tart….you came in my life like a soul-sisterโค

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    1. Love to you Mango pie. I wish I could let you know I’m missing you too. I completely understand what you are trying to convey. Take a chill pill and study hard for your exams, I’m sure you’ll do well. And then we’ll chat๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. My Gurudev says about Suicide that it’s the worst thing and advises, “Resolve to face the crisis with the help of spirituality. Share your joys and grief with others. Use the power of prayer to tide over the trying times.”

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