A day to remember

We are indeed fortunate to meet wonderfully unique people, who make us fall in love with life, embrace it with both hands and never let the enthusiasm fall short. Nitin, an Indian, my colleague, and now, my friend scattered the neon pink and bright yellow on my black canvas.

Here is an account of the day we became friends, yesterday. Cheers to our ‘strawberry smoothie lemonade punch’ friendship πŸ˜‰

After a hectic day at work and all the tension at office day before yesterday, Nitin insisted that we take an off the following day, he wanted to take a localite (me) to some places in my own city Tokyo. I really can’t​ refuse a chivalrous, amiable person with a contagious smile! 

We met after lunch, we cannot just agree to visit there same restaurant, our choices differ way too much. Nitin took me to the samurai museum first. I was not very keen on going there. I’ve lived in Tokyo for 20 years, but I have been too busy to go there. Unexpectedly, the place was not at all boring and nerdy for a person who hardly knows about samurais, me. There were swords, kabuto helmets and so many astonishing and brilliant weapons. A perfect display of weaponry and armours was put, just like the stories which granny told so often, the images that grand dad drew.

We also saw a wonderful demonstration of samurai fighting. The warriors had such intense expressions and flawless body language that I almost forgot that it was merely a demonstration. The warriors had such ultimate faith in their weapons, they considered it to be spiritual. They fought with expertise at the same time kept ethics a priority. An awe- inspiring  experience, it was stupendous.

Now, it was time to play our favourite childhood game- dress up! Nitin was so delighted to wear the heavy kimono and he armored himself. He looked like a noble officer, a resolute samurai; but failed to behave like one. He showed every one his psedo samurai moves, inspired by the demonstration. He took out the sword and let all the craziness out. Swinging the sword, jumping from corner to corner, dancing, giving bewildering expressions and what not. I’m glad he didn’t feel shy. Mr chivalrous lemonade can be funny too!

After a bash of laughter, he took me to a small bar and a karaoke place. I had never been to these little bars of shinjuku before. Drinks were ordered. Nothing can stop a naughty, funny guy from singing when there is karaoke and he is offered the mike to sing! He sang Bollywood songs for all of us in the bar. No, we did not understand the beginning, nor did we understand the end and were baffled. But, we were also wonderfully delighted to hear music of a different land, songs in an unknown language. As a token of my love, as an expression of gratitude, I sang Japanese pop for Nitin. 

Overload of happiness, a wierd friend and roars of laughter made yesterday perfect. As I’m traveling to work, I’m smiling recalling Nitin’s promise to take me to a ‘Guru Randhawa’ concert and ‘holi bash’ in India. 😁

P.S. This was fiction, just saying πŸ™‚ 


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