A man’s voice

I’ll begin with a story. My aunt’s driver let’s call him V, had been to the airport to pick up my brother and my mother. When he was waiting, two random well built men came and beat him up. Do you want to know what was his fault? He was using his mobile phone. The girls accompanying them claimed that he was clipping them. Later, after he was beaten, the crowd realised that his phone did not even have a camera! How disgusting!

 I have another thing to tell you about V. V wanted to be a gym trainer. He is from Bihar. When he was going back home to meet his parents once, he was stopped by men belonging to a village on the way, and forcibly married to a girl, lest he would be killed. He has accepted that girl as his wife and has taken up his job as a full time driver to earn for her and their son.

Dear bloggers, not all guys are the same. Not all girls are the same. Not every guy who tries to help a girl wants to make her his mistress. Not every boy who gives a compliment is trying to flirt. Not every boy is a roadside Romeo. Not every guy is disrespectful. Some deserve too much respect.

I understand there are so many atrocities against women, so many rape cases. We need to take strong measures to punish those criminals. There are two basic aspects of tackling every problem- short term measures and long term. Long term includes punishment, education to change mindsets, etc. Etc. But tell me dear ladies, if your brother, father or boy friend advises you not to go out after 11 p.m., not to mess with rowdies and morons, are they snatching your freedom and have a disgusting mindset? Can they not request you to do so much as a short term, temporary measure to protect you? I give these advices to my younger brother, not because I think he is weak, because I value him a lot. It’s definitely your choice, but your choices affect many people, you are responsible for your choices, but ironically, many are blamed, many bear the consequences.

I support feminism. I support entry of ladies to temples. I support cruel punishment for rapes. I support equal rights for girls. I support education for girl child, girls learning martial arts.
But, I oppose psedo feminism. I oppose victimization of boys at work places. I oppose reservation for girls in learning institutions. I support education for everyone, including boys. I support schemes for farmers as well as their widowed wives.
Because I am a sister whose brother was slapped by a teacher in first standard for slapping a girl who called him butt!
Because I am a student to a gentleman (he is not R) who was once wrongly accused for attempt to rape. Luckily, that dumb girl didn’t know about cameras.
Because I am an aunt to a little boy who is always told boys don’t cry.

And most importantly, because I’m a contemporary girl who has an opinion, who doesn’t write to impress someone or hurt someone, who can set aside her ego to apologize in case this post hurt you.


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  1. Very powerful post! I too believe sometimes demanding equal rights but still enjoying some unfair rights as reservation in educational or some other institutions, some girls show dual face in name of faminism. Agree with you here!

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    1. I’m glad you agree.
      Equal rights are necessary, but reservations and other things is almost like telling we can’t reach there by ourselves. This is definitely not feminism!

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  2. I am a feminist and what ever you wrote is a true version of feminism. Equality is required not domination. Mere equality with no reservations, no special rights nothing! Men should never be a victimised either 🙂 a very well written article about an underrated problem 👍🏻😊

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  3. We Indians are so good at picking up all the wrong things from the West. Westerners are turning to our way of life but still we are so obsessed with the so-called freedom in the Western culture that we are blindly following them.

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  4. People have this wrong notion of pleasure. I find pleasure in reading a book, sketching, listening to music, writing. Never have I felt the need of partying and drinking. Pseudo-feminism is the problem here. I agree we need strict action to stop atrocities on women but at the same time, women should also be cautious enough to avoid any untoward incident.

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    1. That’s so much true. I would like to share an incident. When I was in class 11th, my teacher said exactly what you did, he was criticized so much by all the students. I tried to put my argument forward and I faced so much opposition. I really had a tough time dealing with all that. They used to taunt me indirectly and they used such harsh words. Thankfully, I was shifted to a special rankers batch on merit. I was the only girl in the batch, yet it was much more comfortable.


  5. I agree with all that you have said here. Partying till late, drinking alcohol etc are being called as freedom but these are the things I won’t even allow my son. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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