No matter how strong you are, at some point in life, you need a companion, a person who can hold your hand and tell you that you can do it. And meeting this person can make you feel comfortable and warm, even if you are at the top of Mount Everest!

Roohi was in the darkest phase of her life.  An aspiring actress, she had faced rejections one after another. Looks? Expressions? Charm? What was missing? Nobody knows! She was so depressed. Surfing the net, she came across a blog on WordPress. It was called ‘Forever’. She began reading his posts, one after another. Among frustrations and disappointments, she found a place to bask upon spectacular love stories and honestly expressed emotions. It was love at first ‘read’; yes it exists. 

She wanted to know more about the heart that spoke of such brilliance. She shared her thoughts with him. Gradually, these gems began to bond. When ‘gems’ bond, me and you, we are only spectators, filled with awe! They had so much in common, the most important being their taste in music. Parth was the beautiful face behind ‘forever’, an engineer waiting for his visa to the U.S.

They did not realise when they became each other’s strength. They were no more strangers, they were soul mates. They knew everything about eachother by now. And they finally decided to meet up. They decided to meet in Goa, they wanted to escape from their towns, and both would take a step towards love, another one. The two spent the most beautiful days of their lives on the beaches of Goa. Little hamlets, mangroves, gentle backwaters, barren lands, green pastures and these love birds. Among the stars, they confessed their love for eachother as they sang:

“Baby you light up my world

 like nobody else….”


Some things are unpredictable, out of our control and better so. As fate would have it, Parth’s mom called him to tell him that his visa has been approved. Fifty minutes later, Roohi recieved an offer from a director. Her first movie it would be. How lucky they were for eachother!

But now, they were torn apart between love and dreams. On one side lay the dreams they nurtured since childhood, the love of their life on the other. They decided to be each other’s strength, not weakness and thus decided to choose their first love, their dreams. 

He no more has the time to write posts. She has no time to read any. But, at times, a few days or hours give you enough happiness, enough warmth to keep you powerful and resolute forever. Memories last forever. Not all, but some do. Maybe their paths will cross again. Maybe not. No, dreams did not supress a budding love story. Love gave them the motivation to pursue their dreams with zeal.


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