Unfathomed feelings #3

God, the source of everything, is someone every one has atleast thought about. So have I. Here are my unfathomed feelings, curtailed in words:

He makes me marvel each time,
At his creations, pure and sublime.
I love him because​ I’m aware,
He shall never give up on me, never glare.
At times there is gratitude,
For euphoria he has gifted in multitude.
At times dissatisfaction,
For I didn’t receive that little fraction.
I admire his patience because,
He stands with me despite my flaws.
I have great reverence,
For he is supreme, yet benevolent.
The nature of my soul is to take,
His shelter, I am his slave.
In friendship, he gives me divine joy,
There is selflessness and no ploy.
So many emotions I feel,
Surprisingly, they are not difficult to deal.


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