What’s in a name?

I wrote this post long back, to share why I named my blog ‘Orange Orchards’. But I was reluctant to share it, it’s sort of personal but then I feel like sharing it. So *drumroll* here it is.

I was sitting at my study table and doing chemistry, Coordination chemistry, an amazing topic. First few questions were easy. I didn’t have to think much, but then came the toughest ones. I didn’t seem to remember anything. Well, inorganic chemistry is like that. Then followed a  series of deep thoughts, which is too boring a discussion. 

And then I decided to blog, to set myself free as I pen down words from my heart. I wanted to name my blog ‘Mango tree’  as there were two mango trees outside visible through window, but the name was already taken.

 I was thinking of fruits, thanks to those mangoes. And then memories took me to class 10th. I was always a nerd and I still am. The kind of girl who never had a Facebook account as she was too busy with books. Who seldom interacted but would never miss a chance to use the Mike. Sort of crazy, but not crazy. So, I never had boy friends or crushes (I had just one crush so far). There was a boy in my class, let’s call him S. S often stared at me, right from class 8th.

 On our Thanksgiving party in school, I was the anchor. I spoke a lot on stage, but when everyone was chatting later, I was sitting in a corner of the class and making a study plan for the week. (I know you might want to unfollow me after this) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜› S was clicking pictures with every one else.

Suddenly, S came to me and asked for a picture. I asked the girl sitting behind me to join. He said ‘No, I want your solo pic’ I was thinking what an idiot, why does he want my picture​. Because he insisted for long, I agreed. He clicked a picture. I got up to leave. I  saw my van driver waiting outside, from the window. He called out my name. He said and I quote:
” You are so cute, just like minute maid pulpy orange!” I pretended like I didn’t hear and walked away. We didn’t meet after that.

No, I don’t like him and I never did. We are not even friends. But I found the compliment really sweet. We both are now in different colleges, I am moving to another city in a few days, so maybe we shall never meet again. But somewhere, he made me smile and I still smile thinking of that and so Orange Orchards got its name! 


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