What are others doing?

What do you want to do?

BSc in Physics, dad.

Does anyone do what you want to do? What will you do after BSc? Work as a peon or sweep streets? Your brain is rotten. I can’t believe your mom quit her career for this.


And this is how a million dreams were shattered. This is how a a beautiful soul left the world last year. 

In memory of an Indian girl whose suicide still makes my heart ache. 


24 thoughts on “What are others doing?

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      1. I know! Why being a doctor or engineer is considered a perfect career choice in India (no offense to engineers and doctors). Not everyone is cut out for that! I know the parents want their children to be successful in life, but that can also be done by following your passion.

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        1. Exactly Sakshi. It is so terrible.
          Maybe your child can earn much more by being a doc rather than being a junior artist but what about happiness. I think the major issue is that we consider money and reputation in society proportional to happiness, which seldom is!

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          1. Right. Our dreams,our passion and talents often get educated out of us! I am lucky that no one forced their choices on me. But I have seen it happen almost everywhere. Even if somehow you make a wrong choice, at least it is YOUR choice.

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              1. Please! Don’t be. A person is so much capable. He just needs to believe that he is stronger than all this. Don’t lose hope. Life is so much more than this. When you’ll look back after five years, you’ll see that you’ve grown as a person, that you made through tough times. Keep believing in yourself and don’t stop trying. You’ll be successful in life.

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