Though I’m here and now,

I’m not really here and now!

I want to lie under the deep blue sky,

And get carried away by waves.

I want to relish berries red and blue,

I promise for you I’ll save.

I want to run down the lush green valley,

And see you dance from the other side,

I want to sleep in the pitch dark forest,

Hold your hand and confide.

I want the snowflakes to touch me,

And make the land of penguins my abode.

I want to cuddle the cute little pandas,

And travel the forgotten road.

I want to collect wild flowers,

And feel the mountain air.

Bask in the sun, run down the shores,

And never end this affair.

Let’s break through this drugery of routine,

And travel to lands serene,

Let’s run away to distant lands; 

Where only the two of us stand- 

Our friendship and you and me;

And a tryst with serenity! πŸ’™


23 thoughts on “Serenity

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  1. Aww.. loved this. Feels like I also want all of these. I want to travel the forgotten roadπŸƒ, collect wild flowers🌸🌷 and feel the mountain air πŸƒπŸ’“πŸ’“Just beautiful

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