You saw her cuddling her daughter and sons

You saw her as she baked them those tasty buns

You saw her hold her husband’s hand

As she led his way through the dry desert land

You saw her taking her mom to the dentist 

You saw her change her grumbling dad to an optimist

You saw her as she guided her brother

You saw her bring the family together 


You never saw her laughing and giggling 

You never saw her dancing and clapping

You never saw her pursue her dreams

You never saw her talents, alluring as color schemes

Why does her happiness always need to lie in the ones she loves?

Encourage her to unleash her wings 

Break those stereotypes and strings

Watch her as she dances and hear her sing 

Because this lovely angel deserves some pampering! 

#love you lovely ladies πŸΌπŸ’


22 thoughts on “Pampering

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  1. This is so lovely and deep….profound, really….it resonates and speaks to the phenomenon of the givers who are quietly drained and drowned out by the loud celebration they bring to the lives of others…thank you for sharing your gifts πŸ™‚

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