A few questions

Her father yelled at her; he had spent 3.75 lakhs on her education which she has wasted. Is there no unit that can measure the hardwork she had put in?

It is true that her mother had to get up every morning and cook for her. Her mother had to sacrifice her sleep. She stayed up all night trying to do something she doesn’t like. Her sacrifices to please them were perhaps fake, weren’t they?

Her relatives told her how she failed to live up with their expectations. The expectations of her parents who worked for her day and night. Why do we forget that even she would have had some expectations with herself?

Her neighbours labelled her a failure. Who has given them the right to universally define success and assign every person their worth? Has ‘self schooling’ in the art made them this wise?

Her teachers ignored her presence. Does ignoring someone who needs them make them “the candle who consumes itself to light its way for others”?

Her friends constantly asked her marks, the reason for this ultimate fall. Are friends only meant to give a stiff competition and not to form a healthy support system?

Her suicide was cowardly. Because “suicide is never justified”. Suicide is a crime. Were their constant taunting an act of  bravery? Was the emotional helplessness they forced her into justified? Was their act of butchering her self respect and confidence not a crime? 

Why didn’t she think of her loved ones before jumping off the terrace? The loved ones who had inflicted such invisible deep wounds that would take a lifetime to heal.

She did not have the right to take her own life.

But everyone else had the birth right to commit an emotional murder. Didn’t they?


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  1. I can understand it Perfectly! My own daughter tried to commit suicide two times due to pressure of society. But as I’m always with her I encouraged her to face it all and assured her no matter what I’m always with her. She has gained confidence now. Still I pity on the society who tries to pull a person’s self esteem down. They actually are criminals!

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    1. I’m glad you agree.
      Its such a beautiful thing that you supported your daughter. Things are so much better when parents are supportive. Lots of love to you and your daughter. Trust me, it’s so good to know that your daughter could gain confidence and you helped her get through it


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