Hide and seek

I was six and he was ten,

He splashed water on me every now and then.

We cried and fought ;

We hugged and forgot.

We made constellations out of clay,

We played hide and seek every day,

I looked for him in the room, the garage, and the store,

He sat smiling on the garden’s lush green floor.

 During the rains we made paper boats;

And clapped as they would magically float.

Today, I am twenty six and he lies in his grave,

People visit me and ask me to be brave.

The rains no more bring showers of  blessings,

The delights of paper boats are missing.

I look for him in the room, garage, and the store,

His smile doesn’t brighten the lush green floor!

Where did he find such a place to hide?

Will he come back, if I accept my defeat?

I can no longer compete!


27 thoughts on “Hide and seek

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  1. Will he come back, if I accept my defeat? Reading the title I thought you’re going to give some fun read. it’s heart wrenching to read this post. I wished it was only a fiction. Take care. Beautiful poem.

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  2. This poem took my breath when I read of the loss of precious companion/brother…it is so beautifully written and made my heart ache until I was forced to choke back a sob….thank you for sharing….I am so sorry that you’ve had to endure this kind of loss…

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