Deep inside

Deep inside the bright lights

Lies silence that longs to be broken,

Those faithful green eyes have never spoken.

Do not be mistaken by the confidence you see,

Deep inside there is no confidant.

That smile is fake and misleading,

Deep inside is a despondent cry.

The artificial radiance

Manages to hide 

A heart of despair ,of greif and gloom;

The flower you imagine has never bloomed.

The doors are shut,

The windows are closed;

There lies shattered glass,

And an unwritten story

Hoary cries of false glory.

There are no friends and no foes,

Not a single person so dear so close,

There are no skills winning self  appreciations

There are fears and doubts, apprehensions and aggravations.

Deep inside lies wretched desolation.

Perhaps, the hurricanes of sweat perspired ,

for a distinct goal in future,

Have washed away the grains of joy that dwelled there yesterday!


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