Though I’m here and now,

I’m not really here and now!

I want to lie under the deep blue sky,

And get carried away by waves.

I want to relish berries red and blue,

I promise for you I’ll save.

I want to run down the lush green valley,

And see you dance from the other side,

I want to sleep in the pitch dark forest,

Hold your hand and confide.

I want the snowflakes to touch me,

And make the land of penguins my abode.

I want to cuddle the cute little pandas,

And travel the forgotten road.

I want to collect wild flowers,

And feel the mountain air.

Bask in the sun, run down the shores,

And never end this affair.

Let’s break through this drugery of routine,

And travel to lands serene,

Let’s run away to distant lands; 

Where only the two of us stand- 

Our friendship and you and me;

And a tryst with serenity! πŸ’™


Thank you KNIGHT for the nomination.

Here are a few words to introduce you to Knight. He is an amazing blogger and a passionate writer. I remember how I was intrigued by his posts the first time I came across his blog. Such deep and heartfelt thoughts! Such wonderful manifestation of emotions! Do check out his lovely blog and he will leave you spellbound.


I feel honored and happy as this is my first nomination. Thank you for all the love WordPress community. I wonder if I really deserve it.


So here are the rules:

  • Give 11 questions to the people you nominate
  • Tag as many people as you want
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you

Questions that I have been given

 What made you start writing ?

Loneliness. When I started blogging one month back I felt really lonely. Things had changed so much in an year or two that I had  (or rather I have) no one to talk to. I wanted to share my thoughts with someone and so I started writing, something I had not done after class 10.

Your favorite writer/ poet 

Lemony Snicket. Do check out his quotes when you’re free.

A fear yet to conquer 

The fear of losing someone. I am so scared to make friends because I feel that at some point of life I will lose them. Its such a sucky feeling.

I am a little scared of heights as well.

Describe yourself 

I am a Mathematics lover and can vile away hours or even days discussing mathematics problems with people who love mathematics. Apart from Maths, I love travelling, reading (I love reading poetry way too much). I am interested in spirituality too.

Your ultimate goal in life

I am really ambitious but right now I am not comfortable sharing my ambitions here. But I also want to help people come out of depression some day(if I can).

Will you call yourself an introvert or extrovert?

People call me an extrovert but I’ll call myself an introvert because although I am an extrovert I have rarely had personal and heartfelt conversations in last two years.

Your Zodiac sign 


Movie you have watched hundred times and can watch over a hundred times more and still relish it 

UMmmmm I donno! I don’t watch movies often.

If given a chance , which famous personality would you like to date ?

I would love to date a mathematician. He is not very  famous though. Famous personality? Probably no one

Your Favorite writing genre 


The decision you regret the most

I regret not choosing the Black Plum (jamun in India) flavored Ice cream that day! (I don’t seem to remember the date)

And my nominations are:

Shaloo Walia who spreads the shiny glitters of spirituality

Chris, A man with deep thoughts

Radhika Vibrant and positive and a versatile blogger

Truly A person who spreads so much cheer and love that cannot be truly described in words

Rekha Super cool at 75 (I know you lied Rekha) She is a naughty lamb holding a laughter bomb.

Meenakshi Every single cell of her body has gratitude and empathy and I am so much in love with her spectacular themes and intense writing.


  1.  What are your hobbies?
  2. Tell us about your celebrity crush.
  3. What do you love about yourself the most?
  4. Do you believe in God?
  5. What is it that you cannot live without?
  6. Have you ever experienced paranormal activity?
  7. When was the last time you felt like beating up someone?
  8. How has your journey with WordPress been?
  9. Reading or Writing?
  10. What is your idea of success?
  11. Your favorite quote is?

I completely understand that you may not want to share your personal details and how time consuming it is for you to respond to all such tags. So its absolutely fine if you do not want to answer some or any of these. You all are amazing. Lots of love to you guys!

Love currents

Sparks and love. Sparkling love.

I had insulated my wires of emotions

From the resistance and friction of the weary world

There was a sudden spark of trust

That changed so much in an instant

My tangled wires of emotions 

Were no more under my control

There were flow of charges 

Negative and positive both

My circuit felt so complete and connected

And the outdated battery of blood vessels

Experienced a romantic current; again. 
P.S. I know I’m a little crazy! 

Good bye until next one πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜


Acknowledging the efforts of wonderful women who keep all of us happy πŸ’™

You saw her cuddling her daughter and sons

You saw her as she baked them those tasty buns

You saw her hold her husband’s hand

As she led his way through the dry desert land

You saw her taking her mom to the dentist 

You saw her change her grumbling dad to an optimist

You saw her as she guided her brother

You saw her bring the family together 


You never saw her laughing and giggling 

You never saw her dancing and clapping

You never saw her pursue her dreams

You never saw her talents, alluring as color schemes

Why does her happiness always need to lie in the ones she loves?

Encourage her to unleash her wings 

Break those stereotypes and strings

Watch her as she dances and hear her sing 

Because this lovely angel deserves some pampering! 

#love you lovely ladies πŸΌπŸ’

A few questions

Her father yelled at her; he had spent 3.75 lakhs on her education which she has wasted. Is there no unit that can measure the hardwork she had put in?

It is true that her mother had to get up every morning and cook for her. Her mother had to sacrifice her sleep. She stayed up all night trying to do something she doesn’t like. Her sacrifices to please them were perhaps fake, weren’t they?

Her relatives told her how she failed to live up with their expectations. The expectations of her parents who worked for her day and night. Why do we forget that even she would have had some expectations with herself?

Her neighbours labelled her a failure. Who has given them the right to universally define success and assign every person their worth? Has ‘self schooling’ in the art made them this wise?

Her teachers ignored her presence. Does ignoring someone who needs them make them “the candle who consumes itself to light its way for others”?

Her friends constantly asked her marks, the reason for this ultimate fall. Are friends only meant to give a stiff competition and not to form a healthy support system?

Her suicide was cowardly. Because “suicide is never justified”. Suicide is a crime. Were their constant taunting an act of  bravery? Was the emotional helplessness they forced her into justified? Was their act of butchering her self respect and confidence not a crime? 

Why didn’t she think of her loved ones before jumping off the terrace? The loved ones who had inflicted such invisible deep wounds that would take a lifetime to heal.

She did not have the right to take her own life.

But everyone else had the birth right to commit an emotional murder. Didn’t they?

Tender arms

A microfiction

The mother spent sleepless nights, for she was born an immature baby- weak and fragile. She slept wound around her mother’s tender arms.
Years later, the mother again spent sleepless nights, for she immaturely killed herself because of an exam which was unaware of her virtues. As she slept forever, her mother’s tender arms were empty and desolate.