First blog post

My first blog post.

Writing empowers me and enhances my confidence. In the dark gloomy days, writing is my only sunshine.

I hope others enjoy my blog too and share their thoughts with me. 😃



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Sanctified soul,
Humane human being,
Marvellously miraculous,
Shatterproof and sturdy,
Commited to confidence,
Vibrant and valuable,
Rich in righteousness,
And appreciably adept.
You are beautiful,
You are one of a kind,
Not everyone can see your beauty,
Because you are divine.
Here is some positivity
To brighten your day
“smile my sweetheart”
Is all that I want to say!

Iraade saaf ne,
Taahi tah lok khilaaf ne!

Because I vehemently wanted to add a line in punjabi 😂😉 


Recently I had heard a comment made by my good friend that the elders above 70 years should die soon. I was so flabbergasted on hearing this that for a second, my brain just stopped, my heart cried out, “How could he?” I do know where my friend is coming from, his problems at home, what he […]

via Musings — Book Reviews by Shalini

Because roots matter.

I’ve often seen posts on WordPress where people express their deep love and respect for their parents. But one of them really created waves in my mind and heart. It really bought turbulence. All credits go to Shalini for this.

Nobody’s parents are perfect. Nobody’s children are perfect. We all have expectations and disappointments. But deep down, we are all human beings. Human beings craving for selfless love, yearning to find a drop of love in this ocean.
And of all the relationships that exist here, in this world, the most selfless one is the relationship between a parent and a child. But alas, we were busy finding faults in our sanskaars (values) and we forgot the emotions behind our sanskaars.

I’ll narrate an incident here. I only go to two religious places, one a church near my house and the other, Iskcon temple. The reason these two are chosen is because here, I’m allowed to ask questions and given answers. So I’ll narrate a small part of a conversation between me and a Swamiji at Iskcon:

Me: Swamiji, you talk about love for Krishna, your supreme father, but don’t you have any duties towards your parents? Why have you left your family at such a young age? Don’t you love them?
Swamiji: I love Krishna. I love my family a lot. I consider the world a family. A part and parcel of God. That’s why I left home, for my family. It started from home. I gave the gifts of spirituality to my parents and then, I ventured into this beautiful creation of the lord, to give this gift to you, my sister, to give this gift to Prabhu ji (referring my dad, in Iskcon all men are referred as Prabhu ji).

Here, I quoted this example ONLY to illustrate how beautifully he is fulfilling his duties. How he considered it his responsibility to do something for his family, to share the gifts he has. When he has a willingness to do something for such a big family and such a big heart to selflessly love so many people, I can surely do something for my little family.

Lets build up our roots, our values. Let’s respect our parents. We can only be strong if we build our roots. Because roots matter dearhearts!

P.S. Thank you for writing a post which I’ve reblogged first, Rockstar!

Reasons to date a mathematician

​Mathematicians are smart.
Smart is sexy. Research has proven this. You can ask google for proof.

They think they are smart.
Yes, they think they are smart. This leads them to knowing a lot of other things, including things that they probably hate, like biology maybe! They usually know a lot about gadgets as well.

Better workouts
You don’t have to use weights and dumbbells for workouts. Their books are always around.

They know tautology and fallacy.
Most mathematicians I’ve meet are open, straight forward and direct.

‘Me’ time
They are not really clingy, because they value their ‘me’ time, and hence, yours too.

They are really ‘calculative’; pun intended.
So you have all the money to shop for yourself. Moreover, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a calculator with you!

Nerdy and funny pickup lines
Wouldn’t you like it if someone told you “hey, I love your hyperbole” or “I feel irrational when you are around”. If you say no, well, you are a little boring!

You don’t have to be self conscious
They will be absolutely fine with all the craziness and weird stuff you do.

They value you.
7.5 billion people in the world and they found you, their perfect match. The probablity of this is…leave it to mathematicians, you just realise that it’s a rare event.

P.S. This is a ‘just for fun’ kind of post. Please don’t get serious and look for mathematicians and trouble them. Also, my spam folder on WordPress encourages nonsense, the comments section for this post doesn’t. 


  Hey dearhearts! I’ve been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by two spectacular bloggers, TAPASI and RUPALI. Thank you so much, the two of you, for all the love. I had decided not to do award posts anymore, but I really felt happy to be nominated by these two lovely people. And so…


1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


1. What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever done?

I’m too selfish to ‘sacrifice’. Yeah, I  give my slice of pizza or chocolate or ice cream  to my brother, but I don’t really consider it a sacrifice. It gives me joy.

2. What is the reason you came to WordPress for?


3. If you had to stop eating one food item till the last day of your life, what would be that food?

Papayas; they suck!

4. What makes you feel unwanted?

The fact that I am answering this question. I’m gonna roast you on personal chat and make mango milkshake for asking me such a boring question.😠😡

5. What was the bitter most childhood memory you can remember?

Eating bitter gourds!😲

6. How should the moment when you’d be dying? (I’m born this way to ask questions like this, don’t mind huh)

God! Spare me Tapasi, never thought of this. Okay, let me try to answer. I want to be alone in a country where I know nobody with pani puri and rasgullas that I’ll leave for the person who sees my dead body first!

7. What filmy dialogue suits you the best?

My cousin’s friend told me this: “You are a bedardi queen” *BMO*😉

8. What is the one reason that can make you say you’re cursed?

I can’t sing!😕

9. If you had any treasure box, what would you put in it?

The lord Krishna pendants that I have. I have three of them.

10. What is the ultimate cure for jealousy?

For someone who is jealous, I know that it’s making you feel uneasy. We can always talk, and I’ll take you for dinner, to make you feel better. For a person who is feeling uneasy because people are jealous, come on sweetheart, be happy!

11. If you could bully someone, who would be the person and what’d you do to him/her?

I’ll bully my mom, Rekha, and R and I’ll take these three to one of the best swimming pools in Bengaluru, and teach them swimming. I’ll make them listen to the most spectacular punjabi music all day! Of course, not all of them together, on the same day. I don’t want to make my life a mess!😛


Describe yourself in 3 lines.

Just two words will do!


What is the one most important thing in your life?

My ambitions.

What gives your heart genuine happiness?

Little things that someone does for me not simply because of obligations.

What is your wildest dream?

It’s a part of me, a very important part, which I don’t want to discuss here on WordPress.

What do you do when you feel completely broken and drained?

Honest answer? Stalk R’s facebook profile, and not just his, his friends’ to read his comments; and do all this using my mom’s account.

What is your biggest weakness?

Honesty, brutally honest.

Name 3 of your favorite foods.

  1. Rasgulla
  2. Paani puri
  3. Gojju avalakki (south indian dish)

About what would you prefer to talk about the most?

Mathematics, Travelling, Politics!

Do you take being extra emotional as a positive point or a negative point?


What is the one trait that attracts you the most when you meet someone new?

Sense of humor and sarcasm.💙

What is your all time favorite quote?

“It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.” – John Green, Paper towns. 💙


I’ve been nominated for the blue sky tag by a newbie in the world of blogging and in orange orchards, AKHIL. 

Thank you so much Akhil!

I’ve done the blue sky tag before, you can have a look at it if you want to, THE BLUE SKY TAG

So I’ll simply answer Akhil’s questions.

Reason why you started blogging?


Favorite bloggers?

  3. REKHA


Preferred genre to write and why?

Romance, because I can play with emotions and words without hurting anyone!😉😛

Favorite author?

Lemony Snicket

The moment that changed your life?

The declaration of the JEE ADVANCED results this year!💮

What is the world for you?

A strange place, with lots of strange people and strange stuff, yet breathtakingly beautiful.

You want me to write more about __?

The characteristics of Higgs Boson particle and the geometrical interpretation of complex numbers.😛 Honestly, I can’t think of it and I want my little grey cells to take rest right now. I’ll tell you when you’ll keep writing and I’ll keep reading in the days to come.

Are you in love? If yes, how does it feels like?

No, I’m not in love.


Time for nominations.

This is the first time I’m nominating a person I followed recently. I would like to nominate GOODREADS for  THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD

Daddy’s little girl, she is a talented packet of photons(sunshine ). I followed her just yesterday, and read all her posts, yeah, all. She has written on dancing, craft, gifting ideas, food, school days, south Indian weddings…! Dearest, its completely okay if you don’t want to accept the nomination. It’s just my way of expressing my love for your posts.

And your questions are:

  1. Have you been to Bengaluru? If yes, which is your favorite place in Bengaluru (apart from home, if you live here) ?
  2. Your favorite subject is ____
  3. Do you like Mathematics? If yes, which is your favorite topic currently?
  4. Have you ever played a prank on someone? If yes, describe it.
  5. Do you like chocolates?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. What has been the best birthday present you have received?
  8. Dogs or cats or none of these?
  9. What do you think makes a person your best friend?
  10. If you had to choose between merely tasting 1000 ice creams of different flavors and drinking 50 different milkshakes as much as you want, what would you choose?
  11. Do you like travelling?

Thank you so much for reading. Love you all!💙


Compassion and forgiveness,
Spreading glitters of happiness,
Affection and gratitude,
Love in plentitude;
Do give these gifts to all,
Everyone’s battling a constant trawl;
But give these gifts to yourself too;
It will always come to your rescue,
Enjoy the radiance of your smile,
Lit by your brilliance walk a mile!

Dearhearts, I hope you liked this crude peice that I just wrote. But I really want to share my inspiration behind it with you guys, please pardon my narrcissm. 😛🙈🙊

Captivating love

There is this guy ruling my heart
Controlling it from miles apart
He never knocked my heart’s doorway
He’s causing rhythmic tides that sway
He’s got raging storms along
Thundering noises as a song
He replies my sarcasm with sarcasm
And replies me with bubbling enthusiasm
Giving me flowers of myriad shades
He’s holding the love grenade
There are things he doesn’t tell me straight
Things that I’ve learnt​ from his traits
We have already had fights
But I know love is not lite
He precisely knows when I need affirmations
That’s when he showers affection
His support is my adornment
His love makes me effervescent.

Spider web

So that’s a spider web after rains in Chikmagalur, a small town near Bengaluru.
Special thanks to Rekha, a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious​ blogger and my childhood friend Abhinav for making me realise that I can let the camera do the talking too! 😉💙


Gifting meant buying a bouquet of flowers
Accepting the gifts meant a photograph, a ‘thank you’ and discarding the flowers.
This is what happened when giving gifts became a social obligation.

He became an engineer, and is now unemployed.
Because education had become an obligation to be accepted by the society seven years ago.

Marriage for her is cooking dal-chaawal everyday
For him it’s merely a 9 to 5 job.
Marriage was no more a vow, because it was a social obligation, a duty; symbiosis.

It became a social obligation for him to teach his daughter to be morally and ethically correct; even if it was at the cost of faking it or at the cost of her own self respect.

She did not like the new sweater her father bought her.
She wanted to wear the old one which her grandmother had knitted, warm and cosy.
When wearing the sweater her dad just spent 6999 Indian rupees for became an ethical obligation, the weather was being harsh.

Welcoming guests became arranging an array of the most exotic welcome drinks.
Relationships became dining together;
When get togethers became a social obligation.

Love became dates and kissing in public
Breakup meant breakup parties
When relationships became a status; when they became an obligation.

He did not like her posts on WordPress at all. He found them damn boring.
When she liked his posts, lying and liking hers became a social obligation.  🙈😛

There was an emptiness, everything was merely ‘completed’ only to remain incomplete; when obligations took over emotions.

I don’t have to…

I don’t need to apply sunscreens before I go out; if I love sunshine, and getting tanned. I don’t give a damn if Sweety aunty rejects me for her charcoal black son, just because I’m fifty shades lighter than him, yet dark.

I don’t have to listen to everyone. Certainly not to the person whose grandson failed class 10 and he is sitting here today and telling me how sorry he is because I can’t get IIT Bombay.

I don’t have to answer everyone. Definitely not to this helium filled balloon advising me to join a gym, just because she thinks that guys these days don’t care whether you are the topper, and all they want is a sexy, fairly educated homemaker. I don’t have to answer her why I’m studying when her daughter is at the gym.

I don’t have to hear everything. I’ll certainly not hear this lady who walked in as a guest and is criticising my hardworking, strong and wise neighbour for not being a spendthrift. I can always ask her to shut-up. I can always refuse to listen to her nonsense.

I don’t need to wear Salwars and sarees or a bikini and crop tops, I don’t have to wear what someone wants me to wear. I’ll wear what makes me comfortable, because I don’t give a damn whether people find me elegant or sexy. All that matters is I am comfortable.

I don’t have to be a pro at cooking unless I’m dependent on Sharma Ji’s daughter for my daily meals.

I don’t have to touch a self proclaimed godman’s feet, even if dad insists, because I will not worship him if I think he is fake, if I think he is a con.

I don’t have to use lipgloss or cheek blush or eyeshadows. I find myself beautiful without any make up. It’s not my problem if Sristy thinks applying an eye shadow can make me look stunning. I have no interest to ‘stun’ her.

I don’t have to keep my hair long, if I can’t manage them. Nor do I have to get a pixie cut done just because my cousin thinks it’s cool. I don’t have to Color my hair pink, black, white or blue unless I want to.

I don’t have to attend a wedding just because I’m given an invitation card or skip it just because I was not given one. All that matters is whether my presence is celebrated.

I don’t have to wax my legs if I find it painful.

I don’t have to apply a concealer on my face, if I embrace the scars.

I don’t have to smile when I’m trying hard not to misbehave.

I absolutely don’t need a boyfriend if I am happy just the way I am. Nor do I have to break up if the girl calling herself my ‘bae’ thinks the guy is a player, if I still can trust him.

I don’t have to stop writing this or sharing it just because someone thinks it doesn’t make a great post.

I shun unreal standards of ideality. I don’t give a damn about ‘perfection’. All that matters to me is being honest to myself and real. I am who I choose to be. I choose to be me.

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