First blog post

My first blog post.

Writing empowers me and enhances my confidence. In the dark gloomy days, writing is my only sunshine.

I hope others enjoy my blog too and share their thoughts with me. 😃



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Does the grass wonder why it doesn’t grow as much as the shrubs?
Do the shrubs wonder why the trees are taller?
Does the tree loathe itself for being a darker shade of green, or for not being able to bear flowers?

They compete. Compete for sunlight, air, soil nutrients, water. And then, they grow together, without jealousy, without using their skills to destroy or hurt the other, they grow together to beautify our world .

We humans compare. Compare our grades, our salaries, our children, our parents, our cars, our houses, and set these as  standards, so that we can ‘compare’ happiness and success!

It feels so right!


Building a castle by the beach-side,
Leaving everyone, everything else aside,
Walking down a road slowly,
Touching waters sanctified and holy,
Feeling the cool sea breeze,
And watching the little birds chirping on trees,
Adventures under the expanse of blue,
Crunching dry leaves under my shoe,
Filling my heart with a song,
Sitting on the top of a mountain for long,
Looking at people, beautiful and bright,
And singing with flowers, blue and white;
Everytime I choose to smile,
Everytime me and my thoughts walk a mile,
It feels so right to spend time
With my strengths, amongst nature sublime.
It feels so right to love;
Myself, despite my flaws,
And this ‘me’ time, this self love steadfast,
Gives me joy that lasts!



It ‘blue’ my mind, it really did. I was so so amazed! I kept looking at the picture again and again, kept smiling.

I mean how? How did I do this? How did I click such an amazing picture years ago with absolutely no knowledge of photography? I’m so so surprised…. And then, and then as I sat admiring the picture and my self obsession, I realised that I have merely clicked a picture of the wonderful creation, which is  so perfect and beautiful.

 Every shade of blue is making my heart sing songs to praise the creator and fall in love with his creation 🙂 💙

This post is inspired by Guru Raj, photographer at XDrive, and Rekha, photographer at Lalbagh  😂😁

Bengaluru #1

So here are a few arrows shot in the dark, amateur photography, a few photographs captured in May 🙂

Vertical gardening, at Shangri-La

Bengaluru #2

A forgotten lane, a forgotten house, closed doors,a lady, open hearted …


The little house belongs to an old lady in Bengaluru who is a florist. 

Little angels

“Rihanna, I have to attend to my patients and so I usually don’t have the time to help you out at home, moreover we are financially sound. Then why do you still want to continue teaching at the school? Sweetheart, by the end of the day you seem so tired” said Nihal, gently massaging her feet.

” Baby, as much as you love your profession, I love mine. Being with little kids gives me a lot of joy, a lot of satisfaction, and I learn something new, almost every day.” Said Rihanna.

Nihal immediately retorted and asked in excitement, ” So what did you learn today?”

Rihanna was waiting for this question. “Nihal, do you remember I told you about a student in my class, Jaden?”

“Yeah, the cute little boy with a hunch back, right?”

“Yes. He is spending the last few days of his life, he also has leukaemia. I didn’t tell you because you feel everything so deeply, I knew you would be really worried about the little boy and about me, and I didn’t want to disturb you. Actually I had a session a few days back with all my children advising them not to tease Jaden or trouble him about it, not to ask him any questions. I gave them lessons on kindness and love, I read out excerpts from the Bible.”

“That’s so nice of you my dear, you are just so loving and empathetic”

“But that’s just not about it, this morning I was sitting in the play area alone when I was free. Jaden and Rohan were sitting on a bench, they couldn’t see me though. Rohan had hurt his knee, so he did not go to play. I was eavesdropping. I heard Rohan asking Jaden if he feels bad about his hunchback. I started fuming with anger Nihal! I felt defeated. And then, Rohan asked Jaden if he knows that he would die soon. I got up immediately, but I was not sure how to handle the situation so I held myself for a while. I heard Jaden sadly reply a yes.

But what happened further took me by surprise! You know what Rohan said? he said “Jaden, why are you sad? Do you know how special you are?  You know what, I always feel so loved to be around you! You don’t bully me like Raavan does! Do you know what will happen after you die? You’ll become an angel Jaden, you’ll become an angel. God will open up your back, and release your wings. You’ll become an angel and guide us Jaden. You will teach bullies like Raavan a lesson. You will make sure that good triumphs over evil like the angel in the story Mrs Rihanna told”. I could see a smile on Jaden’s face. I was so surprised, and overwhelmed with emotions that I immediately rushed to hug my boys”

“So this was what I learnt today, that it’s really not how things are, it’s how we choose to look at things. My little boy Rohan made Jaden smile, he gave him a positive outlook, he made these days of suffering much easier for Jaden. I could figure it out from Jaden’s active participation in the activities of the class, and the smile that refused to leave his face.
We can choose to run away from situations, hoping to make someone or ourselves comfortable, but Nihal, it doesn’t really help.” Rihanna held Nihal’s hand and smiled recalling how happy Jaden was.


Why do I love simplicity?

Have you ever bunked a class to sit and speak to a gardener, simple and content?
Have you ever found yourself drinking chai in a kulhaad or buying stuffs from local artisans? Ever fallen for the desi munda and ditched a doctor, engineer, businessman for simple romance in life? Ever wanted to stay with the localites in their cute little houses while travelling? Thrown all the cosmetics outside the window? Or never felt like buying them at all?
Well, if your answer is yes, you love simplicity as much as I do.

But why? Why do we really love simplicity?

I’ll tell you the reason why I do. Though it’s hard to admit!

It’s simple. Simple physics. Opposites attract! It’s because I lead a very chaotic life. With all the passions and ambitions, I’m a part of the ‘rat-race’, it’s very hard hitting to realise this. I do give myself reasons to prove its false, like how I enjoy life unlike others, how my love and passion makes it a little different, how happy and content I am. But in such extreme competition, working harder and smarter, in a race to improve myself, even if its not about gaining the extra edge over others, with ample options and so much of decision making, stillness is a lot more appealing. It’s a lot more soothing. As much as I love the complexities in my life, majorly because they are choices that I have made without considering the past or the future, with all the consent from my heart and brain, I acknowledge the need to set everything aside and keep it simple; hit the breaks and seek some little joys, some adventure, do something creative or simply interact with someone who beautifully keeps things simple in his not so simple life, in his life which is a lot more complex than mine, like the gardener uncle. 🙂

So if you are attracted to simplicity, please ask yourself why! 

Love ties! (Microfiction)

Rekha stood leaning against the wall, admiring him, he was sipping on his mojito like it’s the best thing he has ever tasted. Just when she was about to capture a perfect picture, Nitin spit out all the mojito on her. He couldn’t stop himself from laughing looking at the sponge Bob square pants t-shirt she was wearing. She pulled his hair and punched him for being so gross. Later that day, she stuffed three Kaju barfis in his mouth and tied him a Rakhi. He gave her a wallet, a rakhi gift.

While most guys today complain of being bro-zoned, Nitin bro-zoned himself to give Rekha the best brother she could ever ask for. She bro-zoned Nitin to give him a sister who would be there for him, forever.

P.S. A very happy happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you in advance dearhearts 💙

Emotionally intimate!

Daily tasks, piling up work load at college, assignments, projects, approaching examinations, preparations for civil services examinations, would she be able to get through? What if she didn’t?

Amidst all this, Ishani was lost. Or maybe I should say trapped. In a city 2176.9 kms from home, she longed for some warmth, some love; for family.

Ved walked into her room, when her intrusive thoughts vexed her. She put up a smile on her face immediately when she noticed him. One can seldom lie or pretend to people who love them and get away without being caught. No, Ved didn’t notice her new jacket or nail paints. He noticed the volcanoes of self doubt and apprehensions. He hugged her like a mother embraces a child. He gently broke the embrace to give her a peck on her forehead. He then held her hand and whispered, “Calm down my dear  superwoman”.


Love is painful. Love is meant to consume you. Love is all about teddy bears, chocolates, selfies and ‘darling’ rubbish. FALSE.

It is not love if you cannot stand by eachother during thick and thin. Love is not meant to give pain, and if a lover gives you ‘heartaches’ and ‘heartbreaks’, let such a lover sit on a broomstick and roam the city for all I care. Love is not when a husband beats up his wife at night and gives a sorry kiss in the morning. Let such a husband make his own tea without sugar,  milk and tea leaves and drink it alone, every day.

 It’s not love unless you can say, yes, “I gained one supportive person when I met my ….” It’s not love unless you feel emotionally intimate, verbally and non verbally. ✔💯

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